For the past two or decades, the philosophy of science in East Asia has been enjoying a lively and energetic growth, with the establishment of a close community among philosophers of science in this area. A great many local students earned their PhDs in philosophy from Western universities; many of them specialize in the philosophy of science. Initially, these philosophers worked within their own countries to establish academic circles. Then, beginning in 2010, a group of philosophers of science in Japan and Republic of Korea sought to reinforce dialogue and communication among their East Asian colleagues having similar research interests. This group initiated the first local academic event for this area, which was the birth of the first East Asia Workshop on the Philosophy of Science. In July 2011, a one-day workshop was held in Seoul, Republic of Korea. This workshop ended in great success.

In October 2013, the third workshop is to be renamed as a “conference” to highlight the expansion of the workshop. The third conference was held in Hsinchu, Taiwan. A highlight of this third conference was that the scholars from Malaysia had presented their research and the current status of research on Islamic science studies in Malaysia.

Now, we believe The East Asia and Pacific Conference on Philosophy of Science (APPSA) is an important and meaningful event, bringing together philosophers from many countries and contributing to a better understanding of changes and challenges faced by the modern world and our discipline.