The 5th East-Asian and Pacific Conference on Philosophy of Science

The Fifth East-Asian and Pacific Conference on Philosophy of Science
Seoul National University, Seoul, Republice of Korea, August 25-26, 2015
Main theme “The Philosophy of Science and the Science-Technology Civilization in the 21st Century”


09:45-10:15 Acceptance

10:15-10:30 Opening

  Opening Address by Jungwon Lee (President of the Korean Society for the Pholsophy of Science)

10:30-12:30 Plenary Session
The Philosophy of Science and the Science-Technology Civilization in the 21st Century

  +Philosophy of Semantics Based Data Intensive Science
  / Hong-Gee Kim(Seoul N. Univ.)
  +Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity
  / Dae-Shik Kim(KAIST)
  +Naturalized Epistemology and Philosophy of Science
  /Kazuhisa Todayama(Nagoya Univ.)

12:30-13:30 Lunch

13:30-15:50 Part I

Session A Post-humanism in the 21st Century
  +Human Nature in the Age of Post-humanism
  /Hyundeuk Cheon(Ewha Womans Univ.)
  +Robot as a Quasi-person
  /Deok-hwan Jeong(Univ. of Seoul)

Session B-1 Ethics for the Science-Technology Civilization
  +Human Enhancement and Argument from Autonomy
  /Sangkyu Shin(Ewha Womans Univ.)
  +Dimensions of A.I Morality
  /Hyo-eun Kim(Inje Univ.)
  +An Inquiry Into the Difference between Biomedical Means and Non-biomedical Means in Cognitive Enhancing Drugs
  /Ji Won Shim(Inje Univ.)

Session C-1 Modern Science and Philosophy
  +Experimental Creation and Ontological Objectivity
  /Ruey-Lin Chen(National Chung-Cheng Univ.)
  +Integration of Acquired and Revealed Knowledge in Science and Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education
  /Mohammad Yusof Othman(Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia)
  +Common Cause Closedness in Orthomodular Lattices
  /Yuichiro Kitajima(Nihon Univ.)

16:00-18:10 Part II

Session B-2 Ethics for the Science-Technology Civilization
  +The Intelligibility of Incontinent Action and Care Ethics: the Case of Addiction
  /Sunny Yang(Inje Univ.)
  +The Relationship between Medical Intervention for Enhancement and Discrimination Against the Disabled
  /Ji Won Shim(Inje Univ.)
  +The Impact of Socioeconomic Status on Health and Psycho-social Characteristics among Elderly Who Living Alone
  /Kyung Hwa Kwag(Inje Univ.)
  +Aristotle on Justice and Friendship
  /Misung Jang (Inje Univ.)

Session C-2 Modern Science and Philosophy
  +A Bayesian Look at Inconsistencies in Science
  /Tetsuji Iseda(Kyoto Univ.)
  +Sufi and Quantum Knowledge: Some Convergences
  /Shahidan Radiman(Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia)
  +Dualist Ontology in Interference Experiment and Speculative Physics: Of Process Philosophy and the Dichotomy of Theory and Experiment in Quantum Interpretations
  /ClarissaAiLingLee(Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia)

Session C-3 Modern Science and Philosophy
  +Mathematical Logic: Classical and Modern
  /Mohammad Alinor A. Kadir(Academy of Civilisational Studies)
  +Causal Models and the Ambiguity of Counterfactuals
  /Kok-Yong Lee(National Chung-Cheng Univ.)
  +Against Whiggish Semantics
  /Jonathon Hricko(Academia Sinica)

18:30-21:30 Dinner


10:00-12:30 Part III

Session D New Methodologies for Science
  +Severe Test and Evidence
  /DongWook Jung(Seoul N. Univ.)
  +Conditionalization and Credal Conservatism
  /Ilho Park(Chonbuk N. Univ.)

Session E Metaphysics and Science/Technology
  The Genealogy of Cells and Origin Essentialism
  /Chunghyoung Lee(KyungHee Univ.)
  Moral Foundation of Physical/Emotional Pain and Its Scientific Basis
  /Hyo-eun Kim(Inje Univ.)
  Debates in Evolutionary Metaphysics: Replicator vs. Developmental Systems
  /Dayk Jang(Seoul N. Univ.)

12:30-13:30 Lunch

13:30-16:00 Part IV

Session F Miscellaneous
  +Defending the Moderate Deontological Precautionary Principle
  /Myung-gon Ko(Univ. of Seoul)
  Specific Classification of Autonomy for Philosophy of Technology in the Age of Autonomous Technology
  +/Kyungjoon Oh(Hanyang Univ.)

Session G Book Discussion-Sangkyu Shin’s Future of Homo Sapiens
  Gunoo Kim (GIST)
  Jinkyeong Kim (Donga Univ.)
  Hoon Choi(Kangwon N. Univ.)
  Sangkyu Shin(Ewha Womans Univ.)

16:00-17:00 Closing

17:00-18:00 Dinner